On a quiet winter night, all hell broke loose when a passing comet collided with the moon. Fragments of the comet rained down in a fiery meteor hell scarring the landscape and bringing nightmarish alien lifeforms to our planet. Those left alive are stuck in a never ending fight for survival.

The peaceful ridge valley of Mistyvale was once a tranquil home for the civilized, but after The Event, civilians took up arms and began to fight for their lives in the forests and mountains. What's left of the humans have begun to band together with one another, armed to the teeth, surviving by any means necessary.

Three factions coexist in The Valley, albeit not always peacefully. The Dominion have set up machinery to harvest alien materials and harness energy from the comet shards scattered throughout. Meanwhile the Crusaders Guild & Brotherhood of Chaos are civilians and military alike who've joined forces and fight for control of the resource rich Valley. The Dominion pay out mercenary contracts to any soldier that can keep their equipment online, regardless of who's blood is shed in the process.

Discover hidden weapon caches of rare items, Dominion supply drops, and hundreds of unique weapons, gear and epic loot scattered throughout the Valley to kit your character and build your vault gear stash for war but beware of vicious full item drop PVP.

Fight for your life alone or band together with friends and faction members to control the valley and with ruthless PVP combat at every corner. Few places are safe, and if you're not careful, another player will snap you and all your gear up like a big walking treasure chest. There's no PVP like full stakes PVP.

Trade your wares with other fellow players as well as exchange goods and materials with vendors located in safe area Dominion Outposts and stock up your persistent Global Vault Storage with gear for the fight of your life.

The Crusaders Guild and the Brotherhood of Chaos both want control of the valley, and they'll kill anyone to make it theirs. Pledge your allegiance to one of the factions to fight over control nodes on the map. Each node grants control over the territory to the faction that controls it. The members of the faction that control the most nodes will receive coins periodically for their efforts which can be spent at vendors for rewards.

The Dominion need to keep their equipment in working fashion despite sabotage attempts to continue their research and any group of mercenary soldiers brave enough to secure and repair their Uplink Stations will be rewarded handsomely. Simply repair the nearby equipment and radio home to collect your reward.

The Dominion have built a specialized reactor to harness the shattered comets energy and every few hours it reaches critical mass and must be stabilized by a brave group of players. The reactor is crawling with loot hungry players and aliens that appear near the crystal formations. Epic loot awaits those who can brave the intense PVP action this event draws... and survive.

A helicopter carrying valuable Dominion Technology has crashed in the mountains and the Dominion are paying very generous rewards to anyone that can bring it back in one piece.

A creature of nightmare has escaped the rift at the Dominion Reactor and now it's loose in the Valley. Bigger and meaner than anything before it, you must band together, find it, and kill it before it kills you.

Stylize your character and give it some attitude with hundreds of unique cosmetic masks, helmets, body wear, pants, shoes, Weapon Skins and customized taunts that add insult to injury after a heated shootout.

Hunt Alien monsters and other Players with a large arsenal of weaponry ranging from handguns to rocket launchers. Paint your arsenal with all your favorite rare skins and use different weapon attachment configurations to improve recoil, accuracy and damage so you can become the ultimate killing machine.