Shattered Skies raises open-world sandbox looter-shooter style games to the next level. Step into a massive experience set in a world where all hell has broken loose.

A comet impact has shattered the moon into countless pieces which were pulled down by earth's gravity along with fragments of the comet itself, resulting in thousands of meteoric impacts.

Areas that meteor shards landed have brought strange crystal growth formations all over the world and remaining humans are just now discovering how to harness this great crystal energy, granted they can survive the monsters lurking in a dense fog near the crystals.


We keep it simple — one time purchase. No microtransactions, no season passes. We want you to enjoy the game without feeling pressured to buy boosts or items to stay competitive. Items, cosmetics and character advancement in Shattered Skies can only be obtained by earning it through good old fashioned gameplay.


Player integrity is a huge part of the game and cheats simply make it no fun. Shattered Skies uses a state-of-the-art Anticheat system developed specifically for the needs of our player base because we know dealing with cheaters is one of the most important parts of running a stable MMO.


Play with friends & family like never before! Simply send a friend request to any player in game and once the request is accepted, simply load into the map in close proximity to them! Don't waste your whole night trying to meet up with your friends and run across the map! Simply join their server and begin playing together immediately!


Advance your character's level and increase your reputation with 3 unique factions: The Dominion, The Brotherhood of Chaos and The Merchants Guild. Each faction offers unique rewards to exalted members that have earned their respect.

Perform PVE related missions and tasks for each faction to gain their favor and increase the unique rewards available to you from NPCs! Beware that completing a Task for one faction may negatively affect your reputation with another faction vendor!

Level up your character by exploring the world, completing tasks, fighting monsters and participating in world events!


With precious loot comes dangerous enemies and more risk for more reward. Team up with friends for an easier time looting but beware, the more players, the more loot at stake if you happen to meet an unfortunate demise.

Test your teamwork and gear by summoning persistent non-instanced world bosses and engage in epic battle for unique rewards! Be on the lookout for other players looking to poach the loot from your lifeless cold hands!

Shattered Skies is a completely persistent world with no instancing and full loot drop PVP in all areas except Dominion Outposts meaning that other players can and will participate in any world event at any time equip with combat ready weapons, armor, barricades and all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. It is up to you to decide if you'll shoot first and ask questions later.


A new PK rating system helps players gauge their prowess in PVP and offers a sense of bragging rights yet gently curbs completely senseless KOS (Kill on Sight). Group with your friends and try controlling an area of a city with fortifications and barricades. Featuring a new fortification system that allows players to place temporary blockades on doors and windows.

Turn a regular building or capturable gameplay location into your own personal fortress with a mixture of traps, landmines, barbed wire and fortifications to keep your enemies at bay while you secure the rewards.


Fun in depth item customization that is simple to grasp and difficult to master. Level up your character and collect hundreds of unique items and weapons to go exploring with. Fight other players and battle for Legendary Weapons and Armor. Dress your character in the rarest cosmetic items and show other players that you are the top treasure hunter. Conquer the Shattered Skies.


Step into one of the Faction Controlled Dominion Outposts – highly secured research bases tucked away from the dangers of high populated areas. While you’re inside an Outpost you can access your Global Vault – a persistent Storage Chest for you to permanently store your items. Inside the outposts you cannot use your weapons and this is considered a non-combat area.

Players are encouraged to trade with others, interact with Merchants Guild vendor NPCs, gear up, relax with your friends or find groups to go exploring the world of Shattered Skies.

If you need a place to quickly access your Global Vault outside the safety of an Outpost, use one of many Hideouts – small bases controlled by the Brotherhood of Chaos faction. These Hideouts are more conveniently located around the map but do not offer the no-combat safety of Dominion Outposts. They can be fortified with barricades and must be controlled by force to ensure safe banking.


Shattered Skies features rich core survival mechanics as a baseline that glues the gameplay together. A hint of realism with Food and Water management as well as status effects for your character however ultimately Shattered Skies is not striving for hyper-realism. We want players to have fun.

Enjoy collecting hundreds of lootable items can be used in conjunction or independently making game play dynamic and unique each time you visit any area. Scattered throughout the world are: foods, liquids, weapons, weapon attachments, grenades, lootbags, deployables, landmines, traps, fortifications, armors and character customization's and more. Shattered Skies is a full loot drop game where PVP is not only encouraged, it's rewarded.


Last Man Standing is a session based PVP game that pits you against other players in a gritty hardcore fight to the death. LMS offers several game modes with unique rulesets that take the common king of the hill and fight to the death modes and give them a fresh twist.

Shattered Skies and LMS represent parts one and two of the trilogy set in the Rise of the Badlands universe. Alpha is expected to start for select players in Q2 2016.

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